Alec Zimmerman

A vampire violently longing for mortality


Clan: Nosferatu
Health: 7
Defense: 2
Initiative: 3
Speed: 11 (Increases to 12 with Vigor)
Blood Potency: 2 (Gained when committing diablerie)
Vitae: 3/11
Humanity: 6 (Lost 1 pt when killing his first vampire.)
Willpower: 4
Virtue: Hope (Alec hopes to become human again)
Vice: Wrath (Alec hates all vampires. He blames them for what he has become.)
XP: Gain a single skill point due to diablerie. The vampire killed had this skill, and it was absorbed by you.

POWER Intelligence 3 Strength 4 Presence 4
FINESSE Wits 2 Dexterity 2 Manipulation 1
RESISTANCE Resolve 3 Stamina 2 Composure 1

Academics 1, Computer 3, Investigation 3, Occult 3, Science 1
Brawl 4, Stealth 2, Survival 1
Intimidation 4
Computer: Tracking, Occult: Vampiric Lore, Brawling: tearing w/claws

• Monstrous Countenance: (No Cost) The vampire bares his fangs. Presence + Intimidation + Nightmare (9) vs. Composure + Blood Potency. Success causes victim to flee in terror. Exceptional Success reduces them to a cowering heap, and they may not attack the vampire.
Vigor •• (Cost: 1 Vitae per scene) This ability adds 1 to strength for each point of Vigor possessed. It may not be used multiple times to ‘amp up’ the effect. This ability affects jumping and speed as well.

Retainer •••••
Brawling Dodge
Trained Memory

Alec does not have this yet. Just keeping it for reference:
•• Dread: (Cost: 1 Vitae) Vampire causes an internal rising sense of fear and paranoia. Manipulation + Empathy + Nightmare (3) vs. Composure + Blood Potency. Those within 3 yards x current willpower are affected. Performing any other action cancels the effects. Those affected get -2 penalty, cannot use Willpower (except on abilities that require it)


Soon after Alec obtained his B.A. in cultural anthropology he became interested in vampire lore and mythology. After some research and poking around he began stalking a mysterious man who lived in a ghetto. Alec believed this man to possibly be a vampire and became obsessed with learning his secrets. One night this man was waiting in Alec’s small apartment. A violence, that Alec is still straining to recall, occurred between himself and… something. Alec awoke to a caustic transformation of his own body. He had both deteriorated and grown into a wretched ghoul whose mind and flesh had been warped into something new, and terrifying. Learning what he has become has been a mind altering and torturous game of trial and error. He loathes his new form despite the empowerment it offers. Two ambitions have consumed him since he has leaned how to sustain himself. The first; is that all he wants in the world is to find a way to become mortal again. The second; is an acrid and rapidly growing hatred for this dark world he has been introduced to. As a result he is hell-bent on bringing extinction to the vampire species, himself included.

Alec Zimmerman

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