Justin Duke (JD)

Shy Violin Player


Clan: Daeva
Health: 6
Defense: 2
Initiative: 7
Speed: 12
Blood Potency: 1
Humanity: 7
Willpower: 4
Virtue: Temperance (He’s a thinker)
Vice: Wrath (Mistreatment of women causes rage. Feeds on abusers.)
Derangement: Avoidance (Women-Mild) JD Must roll Resolve + Composure to have any normal interaction with young women. Failure indicates that any social interactions occur at a -1 penalty.

POWER Intelligence 1 Strength 2 Presence 4
FINESSE Wits 3 Dexterity 5 Manipulation 2
RESISTANCE Resolve 2 Stamina 1 Composure 2

Occult 1, Politics 1, Academics 2
Athletics 1, Brawl 3, Firearms 1, Weaponry 2
Expression: Violin 5, Persuasion 3, Streetwise 2, Subterfuge 1
Expression (Classical Violin), Brawl (Dirty tricks), Politics (Scandal)

Celerity 2 (Costs 1 Vitae per turn. Adds 2 to Defense, Initiative, Gains Speed: 36 Running: 72)
Majesty 1
▪ Awe (Presence + Expression + Majesty = 10, if playing the violin.) Subsequent social interactions after awed gain +1

Barfly 2 pts. (Enter exclusive bars/restaurants with little/no difficulty.)
Fame 1 pt. (Small recording label, known in certain circles.)
Fighting Finesse 3 pts. (Weapon) (Allows Dexterity to be used in place of Strength when making rolls with a selected weapon.)
Contacts 2 pts. (Underground Bar owner, 2nd contact – upper shallont)


Growing up, JD never knew who his dad was. His father left he and his mother when JD was born. His mom went through a string of bad relationships. They always beat his mom, and then his mom beat JD in response. To get away from it all he would go over to his next door neighbors house. He was a kindly old lady who taught violin lessons. She knew what was going on in his life and took pity on him. So she taught him every time he came over, which was a lot. As time passed the lady passed away, and she left him her prized violin. He would play it to get away from everything.

One day when he returned he found that his mom’s new boy friend had beaten his mom to death. With no where to go he left to try to get into Julliard. He got a part time job busting tables and continued to try to get into the school of his dreams. When he was not working he would go to high end clubs/sitting rooms and play for tips. He is was fairly well known in the classical community.

Because of his interactions with his mom he is scared shitless of women. He cant even talk to them, unless they have white hair, and are ancient. Every time he tries he gets tongue-tied and he cant get anything out, and just walks away.

He was embraced when he was 24. They were watching him for a few years and liked what they saw. One day he was at a bar having a drink and he saw a man pushing around a girl with his friends watching and laughing and he got insanely angry. He went up to the group, (who all where much bigger then he was) and told them to back off. He was pushed against the table and the big guy then slapped the girl. After this JD went black and does not really know what happened, all he knows is what he was told. He was told that he got up, picked up a chair and broke it across the man’s back and started to attack the group. They got into a fight where he sent three of them into the hospital, but in doing so he got so mangled that he was left outside in the gutter to die, bleeding out, bones shattered. They came for him.

Since being turned he has quit his waiting job and spends all of his time playing for high-end lounges. He has 5 gigs a week and he loves it. When it comes time to feed he walks up and down the shady parts of town watching and waiting for men who beat on women. He then feeds. He does not leave them alive.

Justin Duke (JD)

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