Octavian 'Tavi' Reid

1st Deacon of Trinity Church


Clan: Mekhet
Health: 7
Defense: 4
Initiative: 8
Speed: 10
Blood Potency: 1
Humanity: 7
Willpower: 3
Virtue: Faith (Vows to God and Father Bernard. No Sex, Drugs, Alcohol, Cussing. Christians go unharmed.)
Vice: Pride (If mocked, he will eat their sins to determine if they should be sent to judgement.)

POWER Intelligence 2 Strength 1 Presence 3
FINESSE Wits 4 Dexterity 4 Manipulation 3
RESISTANCE Resolve 1 Stamina 2 Composure 2

Academics 2 , Medicine 2
Stealth 3, Weaponry 4
Empathy 4, Persuasion 2, Subterfuge 5
Subterfuge: Spotting Lies, Weaponry: Dagger/Knife, Academics: Religion

Auspex ••
• Heightened Senses: (No Cost) 5 basic senses heightened. Also: See in pitch-black. Also makes it more difficult to be caught by surprise. Auspex dots added to overcome surprise.
•• Aura Perception: (No Cost, but takes 2 full turns) The observer can see the aura hue and condition. Skilled observers can determine what it signifies. Sometimes it can be used to detect deception. If engaged before combat, it provides a bonus to Initiative.
(Allows Kindred to gain Vitae, by drinking people’s sin.)
• Knowing the Sin: Eating the sin allows one to see the sin in detail, and know recent actions.

Striking Looks: ••
Provides +1 to Presence and Manipulation rolls when attempting to entertain, persuade, distract, or deceive.
Mentor ••
Father Bernard. of Trinity Cathedral
Vesper Knife Fighting ••• (prereqs: Dexterity 3, Weaponry 2)
• Anticipate Attack: If wielding edged or pointed weapon size 2 or less, substitute Weaponry instead of Composure for Initiative

Though not possessed by the character, we are keeping this info here for reference:

•• Cloak of Wickedness: The Hamartiaphage weighs his own sins against those of the person whose sins they’ve eaten, making themselves seem less evil by comparison.
••• Sin Lash: Forces the user’s sin onto others, causing them to experience the negative side effects of sin-eating, with none of the benefits.

Knife Fighting:
•• Advantageous Angle: Every other attack, opponent gets -1 defense
••• Vital Attack: Knife attacks have Armor Piercing 1 and reduce called shot penalties by 1
•••• Slash and Stab: Make two attacks. The second attack gets -1. Defense reduced by 1


Tavi’s earliest memories were always from the Orphanage. He had been living there since he was an infant or so he was told. He adored the nuns that took care of him and the other children, helping them as much as he could.

Whenever people came to adopt a child, Tavi would hide away. He always had the feeling they’re intentions were different, they felt more like ranchers buying cattle or a rich couple deciding on which lobster they would be dining on that evening. Tavi felt that the Orphanage was his family, he assisted the nuns with the other children as if they were his own siblings. He kept them all very close to his heart.

A week before he turned the age of 18 Tavi received horrible news. He could no longer live at the Orphanage that he loved so dearly, 18 was the age you had to leave. Devastated, Tavi went into a deep depression and the Nuns were saddened, for they raised him as if he were their own child.

On the day of his 18th birthday was when Tavi first met Father Bernard. A kind man with a passion for helping people find their way to God. Father Bernard took Tavi back to the church with him and showed him the room he would be using and robes he would be required to wear and clean daily. This was a surprise, the Nuns had never mentioned that he would be working at the Trinity Church with the Priest. But he felt truly blessed to have been given the opportunity.

As the years passed by Tavi felt as if he had truly found his place in life. Being 24 years old he was full of life, faith, and happiness. One night Tavi was replacing some resources needed for the next Sundays mass. Two men entered the church, slamming the wide swinging doors open as they strutted to the front of the marble floors. Tavi felt uneasy, it wasn’t uncommon to feel such feelings. Although it was a house of God, many bad people came searching for ways to ease their guilt. The two men were obviously intoxicated and stumbled their way toward the contribution money box. Tavi overheard one mumble, “Ah! There is enouf….enuf….enough money here for two bottles of Whiskey!” Tavi would not stand for any of this behavior. Briskly walking toward the men he ordered them to put the box down and leave at once. Years ago he would have never confronted these vagabonds. “Faith brings courage to any man” he thought as he reached for the money box. Suddenly, it became loud and smokey in a matter of seconds. A crack like thunder filled the air and a dense fog filled the main hall. Tavi felt fire flash through his chest, pain on a scale he had never experienced. “What the hell did ya do that fer Bill?” Said one drunk to the other. “The pistol went off all on it’s own! I never did it on purpose!”

The two men ran from the church leaving the pistol, and Tavi, to bleed out on the marble stone floor. Tavi knew he was going to die. “My judgement day has finally arrived Father.” Then he didn’t feel so cold. He looked forward to meeting his judgement, if heaven is anything like Father Bernard said it was then it must be paradise. The sound of more doors opening rang through the hall. “Not more thieves I hope, I just wanna go to my God in peace.”

But Tavi did not see more thieves, he saw Father Bernard, standing over him crying. “I’m going to embrace you Tavi.” Father Bernard said. “You were the son I could never have and I cannot lose you!” Tavi could feel himself slowly slipping into darkness. He could hear Father Bernard chanting some strange prayer. Latin maybe? He was not sure. Tavi began to feel peaceful, like falling into a deep sleep after working hard in the Church’s garden. And then he felt it. Fire coursing through all his veins, his heart burning with the heat to melt the strongest of metals. If this was his judgement then he would take it willingly. Although it pained him, for didn’t he do everything God had asked of him? Then everything went black.

Tavi awoke. Not in a paradise, not in a hell, but in his own bed. Confused he sat up, seeing Father Bernard watching him with red puffy eyes. Father Bernard explained to him that he was no longer what he once was. He was now a member of “The Order of the Sin-Eaters” and Father Bernard was going to teach him everything he knew. Even how to wield a dagger. In the months to follow, Tavi learned much about the Priest he worked with for so many years. And much about himself and how he would have to make a few life changes. Tavi felt his faith was stronger than ever. God did judge him, he was saved, and he was given a duty that he had to perform. Send those who commit the most evil of sins to judgement.

It was a rainy night in the city of Boston. Tavi was just finishing a prayer when a young man entered the church. Tavi could sense he was heavy laden with guilt and sadness. The man walked toward the confession box. Back arched low as if he were 95 years of age and only saw the tops of his shoes. He stepped into the confession box and latched the door behind him. Tavi made his way toward the other box door and lightly stepped inside. “Please Deacon, hear my sorrows, for I have done something terribly evil.” Tavi could hear the man sobbing lightly on the other side of the partition. Slowly, Tavi took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and reached out to the crying man. Just as Father Bernard had taught him. When Tavi opened his eyes, he was no longer inside his confession box, but in a dark room. He looked into a mirror on his right and saw the reflection of a man that was not him, but the guilt laden man in his church. The man left the mirror room and entered a basement. Father Bernard warned Tavi he would have no control over the movements of the individual, “You are but a spectator of a past sin that was committed.” he said. Tavi saw in his mind the man open a door. Behind that door was a scared little girl, blonde hair, blue eyes, holding a small doll with red cheeks. Tavi knew what was going to happen before the man had even made a move. Tavi tried to close his eyes to it, he tried to close his mind, but he had already partaken the sin, there was no going back. Tavi saw everything. He felt sick, felt as if he were no longer worthy of life, felt the guilt of this sin as if he also had committed such an awful thing. Tavi opened his eyes, he was back inside his confession box with the man still chattering through the partition. No longer sounding guilt ridden and sorrowful, but happy and merry. With a thank you and goodbye the man stepped from the confession box and started toward the door. Whistling an upbeat tune. Tavi was furious. This man had committed the most evil sin Tavi had ever seen. Father Bernard ordered Tavi to report back to him if any sins were worth Judgement. Father Bernard said he was not yet ready to take life, only to take Vitae through the sin-eating. But Tavi could not wait, this man must meet Judgement.

Tavi went to his room, grabbed his raincoat, and headed out the door. Rain was still pouring outside, but Tavi could see the man just turn the corner. Tavi ran and caught up to him in an alleyway. Garbage, rats, and other oddities were laying about. Hearing Tavi’s footsteps the man turned around expecting a fight, but his face soon turned to surprise seeing Tavi out of the Church. “Oh! It’s only you Deacon. You sure gave me a fright. Can I help you? Did I leave something inside the Church?” Tavi walked toward the man, signaling to embrace. Leaning toward the mans ear as if to whisper a farewell blessing. The thrust of a silent knife entered the mans chest instead. “May God have mercy on your soul, for your Judgement Day has arrived.”

Octavian 'Tavi' Reid

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