Combat progresses through 3 second turns.

As always, we start with Initiative. Roll Initiative + 1D10. (Note: Initiative = Dex + Composure)


  • Unarmed close combat: Strength + Brawl, minus targets Defense and Armor.
  • Armed close combat: Strength + Weaponry, minus targets Defense and Armor.
  • Ranged combat: Guns, etc. Dexterity + Firearms, minus Defense and Armor.
  • Ranged combat: Thrown weapsons. Dexterity + Athletics, minus Defense and Armor.


  • Aiming: +1 per turn to +3 max
  • All out Attack: +2 with Brawl/Weaponry attack, but lose all Defense
  • Armor Piercing: Ignores target’s armor = AP rating.
  • Autofire: Long burst +3 Med burst +2 Short burst +1
  • Concealment: Barely -1, Partially -2, Substantially -3
  • Dodge: Doubles defense. Character can take no other action.
  • Drawing Weapon: Takes a turn
  • Offhand attack: -2 penalty
  • Prone: -2 to hit on ranged attack. +2 to hit on close combat attack.
  • Range: -2 Med Range, -4 Long Range
  • Specified Location: Torso -1, Leg/Arm -2, Head -3, Hand -4, Eye -5
  • Surprised: No Defense
  • Willpower: +3 dice OR +2 to Resistance trait (Stamina, Resolve, Composure, Defense)

Each time you roll a success against an opponent, it does a single point of damage. How it affects them depends on the type of damage:

  • Bashing Damage: These are bruises that come from kicking and punching. It heals fast.
  • Lethal Damage: Gunshost, Blades, etc, normally do lethal damage. Vampires take only bashing damage from gunshots.
  • Aggravated Damage: Sunlight, fire, and other potent effects are powerful tools against vampires and do extra damage.


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