Health is measured from left to right. If you have a health of 7, you have 7 dots, measuring from left to right. The squares below them give you an area to mark. The furthest right square applies a -3 penalty, 2nd to last -2, and 3rd to last -1.
So, if you had 7 Health and suffered 5 points of damage, your actions would suffer a -1 penalty.

  • Bashing Damage: Marked with a “/”
  • Lethal Damage: Marked with a “X”
  • Aggravated Damage: Marked with a “*”

The lightest wounds get ‘pushed’ to the right, so the heaviest wounds are always on the left as you sustain damaage.


  • Your damage track is full, so it contained something like this: *X///// if you gained additional damage, the lightest wound would be upgraded to a lethal wound. So it would become: *XX////.
  • The character takes 4 more points of bashing damaage: *XXXXXX.
  • The character takes another point of bashing damage: **XXXXX
  • The character takes a point of lethal damage: ***XXXX. (At this point, lethal damage doesn’t upgrade twice or anything, wounds only upgrade one at a time and do not depend on type.)
  • The character takes 4 more damage: *******. The character dies.

Once the right-most box of Health is reached, you make a Stamina roll to stay conscious. This roll does not incur the -3 penalty. Success means they stay conscious. Vampires are never knocked unconscious due to bashing damage.

Note: A ray of direct sunlight can cause 5 pts of aggravated damage to a vampire, so it’s best to be avoided.

Wounds are always healed from right to left, so the lightest wounds are healed first.
Wounds recover at the following rate:
Bashing: 1 pt regained in 15 minutes.
Lethal: 1 pt regained in 2 days.
Aggravated: 1 pt regained in 1 week.

1 Vitae: Heals 2 pts of bashing damage. Can be done once a turn.
1 Vitae: Heals 1 pt of lethal damage.
5 Vitae: Heals 1 pt of aggravated damage. Takes 2 nights.

Note: Healing damage in this way can be done during combat and is reflexive, so it can be done during an attack rather than as a separate action.

Also: If the right-most Health point is lethal damage, the vampire enters torpor. Time in torpor depends on your Humanity level.


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