Radun's Court

Regent Kayel: A regent within Prince Radun’s court, he controls the east side. Because Oliver was caught poaching in his territory, the two have yet to work something out.

Lord Kilroy: The regent who represents the Nosferatu.

Lady Daia: One of the regents. She dresses opulently, and smokes a special kind of blood-cigarette on a long taper, Audrey Hepburn style.

Armored Figure: A warrior in black leather armor, this mysterious individual had blood pooling in midair around his feet.

Harpies: A group of female vampires who hang on the Prince’s every word. They serve as his harem and mock those vampires who they consider lower than they are.

Danielle Camberly: Seemed to serve the Reeves in some fashion.

Seneshal: An official advisor, and second-in-command to Prince Radun, this well-dressed Asian vampire sports long black hair in a pony tail, and a thin mustache. It was he who saved Alec’s life at a slight recommendation.

Royals: There are clearly other members of the court who are important, but as of yet, they have not drawn attention to themselves, or the characters are unaware of them.

Radun's Court

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