The Bastion

The prince’s palace is dominated by divans, plush couches, silken draperies and the like. His court assembles in a large room known as ‘The Vulcan Chamber’. It is here where the Primogen council convene and the Prince accepts guests.

The Vulcan Chamber has a sunken cage, used for inquisitions and a trapped harem that cannot leave, both by force, and domination. Trapped humans and ghouls are kept in luxurious accommodations, which can be used by any visitors with approval of the Seneschal.

The Seneschal acts as a guide for those new to the Bastion. Temporary quarters are available, but rarely used, as it is considered bad form to ‘put out’ ones neighbors.

The Prince’s private chambers are behind the divan he uses to make his throne, up a set of stairs, and through the red doorway at the top. Inside is a lavish chamber with reflected blue light everywhere, from small glass figurines that cover the room. A bed in the center dominates the space, surrounded by a thin veil of fabric, gathered in knots as it leads towards the cieling. A warm fire stirs in a hearth on the right side. A door on the fire side and on the left appear to be the only exits. A standing manequin covered by a sheet of blue silk appears to sway back and forth in the corner.

The Bastion

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